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Daughters of St. Paul


The Daughters of St. Paul carry out a new form of evangelization by living and witnessing to the Faith through communications. The sisters are active in all forms of media, from traditional publications to e-books, from TV to social media, from the internet to mobile apps—working in the areas of writing, publishing, recording and broadcasting, screen-writing, media literacy, religious education, adult faith formation and spiritual development. They operate 14 Pauline Book and Media Centers throughout the US and English-speaking Canada.

Following the example of Jesus, who showed that the essence of divine communication is giving oneself to others in love, a Daughter of St. Paul lives religious consecration while serving the Church with the communications media. It is in communication that we seek to become holy and to help others become holy. To become Jesus and give him to the world as way, truth and life, we draw light and life from daily communication with the Eucharistic Christ. Immersing ourselves in the communications culture, we encounter others and invite them to “come” with us to him.

Each Daughter of St. Paul takes inspiration and spiritual nourishment from St. Paul, as our Founder directed us: “If Saint Paul were living today, he would continue to burn with that double flame from a single fire, zeal for God and his Christ and for all the people of every nation. And to make himself heard, he would ascend the highest pulpit and multiply his word with the means of progress: press, cinema, radio and television” (Carissimi in San Paolo, pp. 1151-1152; cf. Anima e corpo per il Vangelo, pp. 61-63).

Fully conscious of our prophetic mission and our responsibility towards history, we announce the message of the Gospel in the name of the Church with the ardor of our faith, adopting Mary’s attitude of self-surrender and the Apostle Paul’s courage and selfless generosity, valuing and promoting the good that is in every person, people and culture.

In this era of global communication, with all its limitations and new opportunities, we continue to live the charismatic gift of the Founder to the Church: “We must always lead others to heaven: not people who lived ten centuries ago but those who live today. We must take the world and people as they are today so as to do good today” (ATP n. 93).

The Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul is one of the 10 institutes that make up the Pauline Family, founded by Blessed James Alberione with the collaboration of Mother Thecla Merlo.

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  • "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me" Gal 2:20