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Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd


We are the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd, a congregation founded by Blessed James Alberione on October 7, 1938, as part of the Pauline Family, whose institutes identify themselves in the apostolic plan to communicate Jesus Christ Way, Truth and Life to the World.

The name that is to bring us ‘memorial’ of Christ who died and rose again to gather into one the dispersed children of God, and ‘call ‘ to live in communion with Him at the disposal of His kingdom.

Our specific charism consists in sharing the pastoral mission of Christ, building up the Christian community in communion with the Pastors of the Church, and collaborating with those who dedicate themselves to pastoral care.

Our ministry springs from our love of Jesus and His Church and expresses itself in evangelization, catechesis, liturgical animation; formation of pastoral workers and other forms of service, according to the particular needs of where we serve.

The person of Jesus the Good Shepherd, loved and lived by us as the Way, Truth and Life, is the source from which we draw the spirit and style of our life. From Him we learn to know and love God’s people.

Our charism as Good Shepherd Sisters, a gift of the Spirit, call us to be present in the local Churches in communion with the responsibility of the pastors of the Church, the laity, and other religious. We assist in building the Christian Community, “by announcing the whole Christ, in the whole man and all men in the apostolic spirit of the Founder” (cf. Rule of Life 13).

“Participate in the pastoral mission of Christ, inserted in the local church, we share the ministry of care of God’s people, as mothers and sisters with passion, creativity and generosity. We accompany and guide the encounter with Christ the Shepherd, Way, Truth and Life, through direct relationships, inhabited by the Spirit. ” (Acts 7CG p. 269)

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  • "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me" Gal 2:20